Manufacturing one of the most sophisticated and highly precisioned Surface Grinders and CNCs.

Key Features

  • High precision spindle with 110mm Dia and high class Double Row Breaings (front & back) for greater accuracy and finish. The spindle is supported by Heavy Duty Design Honey-Combed Pillar for stability to larger dia and width of grinding wheel while working.

  • High precision Ball Screw for cross movement and optional for vertical movement ensures higher acuracy, free movement and long life.

  • Special Auto Lubrication System increase the life of all sliding parts and screws. Advanced hydraulic system with independent oil tank is placed outside the machine to eleminate heat & vibration.

  • Equipped with LM GuideWays in verical column for precise positionin, low wear & tear. It helps in aintaining higher accuracy for a prolonged time.

  • Extra Large Bed Base in length & width in comparison to work table ensures no overhang of table during grinding conditions. Double V Ways cross guide gives maximm stability and accuracy.

Technical Specification

Model AA-1230 AA-1000
Max. Table Grinding 300 x 750 300 x 900
Max. Magnetic Table Travel 350 x 800 400 x 1000
Magnetic Chuck Suitable (optional) 300 x 750 300 x 900
Max. Grinding Height under Wheel 275 285
Grinding Wheel Head Motor Speed 2800/1400 rpm 1400 rpm
Grinding Wheel Head Motor 2 HP - 3 phase 2 HP - 3 phase
Grinding Wheel Size (D x B x W) 200 x 71 x 20 (opt.) 250 x 71 x 20 (opt.)
Hyraulic Tank Capacity (Telus - 68) 70 Ltrs. 80 Ltrs.
Hydraulic Pump Motor 1.5 HP 2 HP
Auto Gross Feed Increment (Motorised Model Only) 0.2 - 5.0 0.2 - 5.0
Max. Longitudinal Table Speed 15 M/min 15 M/min
Vertical Feed Graduation 0.01 0.01
Cross Feed Graduation 0.05 0.05
Working Pressure 12 Kg/cm2 12 Kg/cm2
Net Weight 1500 Kg 1650 Kg
Wooden Case Dimension (L x W x H) 1200 x 1500 x 1700 1350 x 2300 x 1900
Custom Specification » For grinding wheel head motor 2800 rpm, grinding wheel size will be 200 x 31.75 x 20 (D x B x W).
AK stands for Cross Feed Automatic (Motorised). D = Dia, B = Bore, L = Lenght, W = Width, H = Height. All dimensions are in mm.

Standard Accessories

  • Diamond Dresser with Holder
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Spanner for Wheel Changing
  • Wheel Balancing Stand
  • Wheel Adopter Puller
  • Tool Kit

Optional Accessories

  • Work Light
  • Turcite Line
  • Coolant Pump with Tank
  • Permanent Magnetic Chuck
  • DRO for Vertical
  • Splash Guard

Note: For constant development we reserve the rights to change any technical specifications and design without prior notice.

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