Manufacturing one of the most sophisticated and highly precisioned Surface Grinders and CNCs.

Key Features

  • GUIDEWAY FOR PILLAR. Latest and unique to this machine and for the first time we are using LM GUIDEWAYS for vertical movement in UNIQUE BOX TYPE construction pillar for maximum rigidity and vibration dampening as with linear guide ways accuracy and repeatability increases manifold.

  • LM GUIDEWAY FOR LONGITUDINAL. The longitudinal table movement is control by unique mechanical operated DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVE . It is special designed with LM GUIDEWAYS for longitudinal movement to ensure higher stability and accuracy.

  • BALL SCREW FOR CROSS. High precision BALL SCREW for cross movement ensures higher accuracy, free movement and long life.

  • DRIVE CONTROL PANAL FOR CROSS MOVEMENT. High Precision BALL SCREW for cross movement ensure higher accuracy, free movement and long life also controlled by Drive.

  • EXTRA BED SIZE 250x500. Extra LARGE BED BASE in length and width in comparison to work table to ensure no overhang of table during different grinding conditions. Due to DOUBLE V WAYS cross guide, it gives maximum stability and accuracy.

Technical Specification

Max. Table Grinding 250 x 500
Max. Magnetic Table Travel 275 x 550
Magnetic Chuck Suitable (Optional) 250 x 500
Max. Grinding Height Under Wheel 250
Vertical Feed Graduation 0.01
Cross Feed Graduation 0.05
Grinding Wheel Head Motor Speed 2800 rpm
Grinding Wheel Spindle Motor 2 HP – 3 PHASE
Grinding Wheel Size ( D X B X W ) 178 x 31.75 x 12.7
Diamond Dresser With Holder 0.5
Hydraulic Tank Capacity (Telus -68) 80 Ltrs.
Hyraulic Pump Motor 1 HP
Auto Cross Feed Increment ( Motorised Model Only ) 0.2 - 5.0 mm/Rev
Max. Longitudinal Table Speed 18 M/min
Min. Vertical Feed Graduation 0.01
Min. Cross Feed Graduation 0.05
Working Pressure 12 Kg
Machine Weight 1800 Kg
Wooden Case Dimension (L x W x H) 1200 x 2100 x 1800
D = Dia, B = Bore, L = Lenght, W = Width, H = Height. All dimensions are in mm.

Standard Accessories

  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Wheel Adaptot Puller
  • Wheel Changing Spanner
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Table Mounted Diamond Dresser
  • Tool Kit

Optional Accessories

  • Wheel Balancing Stand
  • Permanent / Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Work Light
  • Radius Dressing Attachment
  • Coolant Pump with Tank & Splash Guard
  • DRO for Vertical
  • Spindle Mounted Dressing Attachment
  • Turcite-B Line for Logitudinal & Cross Slide

Note: For constant development we reserve the rights to change any technical specifications and design without prior notice.

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