Manufacturing one of the most sophisticated and highly precisioned Surface Grinders and CNCs.

Key Features

  • Supercut Series have a very LARGE BED BASE in length and width in comparison to work table to ensure no overhang of table during different grinding conditions. Due to DOUBLE V WAYS cross guide, it gives maximum stability and accuracy.

  • The Longitudinal table movement in Supercut Series is control by unique SOLENOID OPERATED SOFT reversal hydraulic power pack and sensor. This specially designed power pack gives jerk less movement to longitudinal table for grinding purpose and has infinitely variable table speed.

  • Special AUTO LUBRICATION SYSTEM is provided with the machine which increases the life of all sliding parts and screws automatically. Advanced hydraulic system with independent oil tank is provided outside the machine to eliminate heat and vibration.

  • High precision spindle is facilitated with 110MM DIA Housing, high class DOUBLE ROW BEARING (front & back) for greater accuracy and finish. The spindle is supported by specially designed BOX TYPE PILLAR with HONEYCOMB RIBS which gives maximum stability for heavy duty grinding. It is also equipped with LM GUIDE in VERTICAL COLUMN for precise positioning, low wear & tear and for maintaining higher accuracy for a prolonged period.

  • High precision BALL SCREW for cross movement and optional for vertical movement ensure higher accuracy and free movement.

  • All slide ways for both cross and longitudinal movement and optional, hand scrapped and TURCITE- B COATED for higher wear resistance, vibration dampening and frictionless movement.

Technical Specification

Model SCS-4080 SCS-5010
Max. Table Grinding 400 x 800 500 x 1000
Max. Magnetic Table Travel 450 x 875 500 x 1075
Max. Distance of Spindle Center to Table 550 (Optional 650mm) 550 (Optional 650mm)
Max. Table Load capacity (Incl. Magnetic Chuck) 450 Kg 550 Kg
Table Speed 5 – 20 M/min 5 – 20 M/min
Tee Slot (NO x Width) 1 x 14 or 3 x14 1 x 14 or 3 x14
Automatic Cross Feed Increment 0.25 – 12.0 mm/Rev 0.25 – 12.0 mm/Rev
Rapid Power Cross Feed Approx. 900mm/min (50Hz) 900mm/min (50Hz)
Cross feed on Hand Wheel 1 Grad: 0.1 mm/1 Rev: 5.0 mm 1 Grad: 0.1 mm/1 Rev: 5.0 mm
Vertical Feed on Hand Wheel 1 Grad: 0.01 mm/1 Rev: 5.0 mm 1 Grad: 0.01 mm/1 Rev: 5.0 mm
Rapid Power Vertical Feed Approx. 500 mm/min 500 mm/min
Grinding Wheel Speed 1450 rpm (50Hz) 1450 rpm (50Hz)
Grinding Wheel Dimension (DxBxW) 250 x 76.2 x 25 350 x 127 x 50 (Optional)
Spindle Motor 3 HP or 2 HP (415 Volt, 50Hz) 5 HP (415 Volt, 50Hz)
Vertical Motor 1/4 HP (AC) 1/4 HP (AC)
Hydraulic Pump Motor 2 HP (415 Volt, 50Hz) 2 HP (415Volt, 50Hz)
Automatic Cross Feed Motor 1/2 HP (415 Volt, 50Hz) 1/2 HP (415 Volt, 50Hz)
Coolant Motor 0.1 Kw 0.1 Kw
Coolant Motor 0.1 Kw 0.1 Kw
Machine Height 1995 2010
Machine Floor Space (LxW) 2540 x 2438 -
Machine Net Weight 2700 Kg (Approx.) 3200 Kg (Approx.)
Packaging Dimension (L x W x H) 2600 x 2450 x 2038 -
D = Dia, B = Bore, L = Lenght, W = Width, H = Height. All dimensions are in mm.

Standard Accessories

  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Wheel Adaptot Puller
  • Wheel Changing Spanner
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Table Mounted Diamond Dresser
  • Tool Kit

Optional Accessories

  • Wheel Balancing Stand
  • Permanent / Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Work Light
  • Radius Dressing Attachment
  • Coolant Pump with Tank & Splash Guard
  • DRO for Vertical
  • Spindle Mounted Dressing Attachment
  • Turcite-B Line for Logitudinal & Cross Slide

Note: For constant development we reserve the rights to change any technical specifications and design without prior notice.

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